Festa Brew



Festa Brew Blonde Lager: A yellow coloured, crisp beer with a genuine lager yeast. This is a true all-malt lager brewed with no adjuncts. The yeast provided will ferment well at 9-15°C, but will provide good lager characteristics up to 24°C.

OG: 1.0476-1.0484, FG: 1.0080-1.0088, Yeast: Saflager S-23, IBUs: 11


Festa Brew Wheat: A clean North American style wheat beer. Light straw colour and low hop bitterness. Refreshing and thirst quenching.

OG: 1.0460-1.0468, FG: 1.0120-1.0128, Yeast: Safale S-04, IBUs: 9



Festa Brew Dry: A premium version of North American style dry lager. All malt; no adjuncts. Very ligth straw colour and light bodied. Low hop bitterness, no hop flavour or aroma. Crisp finish with lowered caloric value.

OG: 1.0360-1.0368, FG: 1.0020-1.0026, Yeast: Saflager S-23, IBUs: 9



Festa Brew Continental Pilsner: A balanced, well rounded, golden European-style lager with a noticeable hop profile and all-malt character.

OG: 1.0496-1.0504, FG: 1.0096-1.0104, Yeast: Saflager S-23, IBUs: 23


Festa Brew Cream Ale: A medium bodied, slightly fruity, North American ale style. Deep golden colour with a delicate hop aroma and flavour. A smooth and easy drinking beer style.

OG: 1.0476-1.0484, FG: 1.0128-1.0136, Yeast: Safale S-05, IBUs: 13


Festa Brew Pale Ale: A deep golden coloured hoppy, fruity English style pale ale. Presents pleasant flavours and aromas of fresh finishing hops, which balance well with a bready malt profile and moderate body.

OG: 1.0500-1.0508, FG: 1.0124-1.0132, Yeast: Nottingham, IBUs: 25


Festa Brew Red Ale: Irish style Red Ale. Attractive red-amber colour. Moderate malt body and pleasant mild sweetness. Moderate hop bitterness, mild hop flavour and low hop aroma. A step towards darker beers, without the roasted components.

OG: 1.0492-1.0500, FG: 1.0132-1.0144, Yeast: Safale S-04, IBUs: 13


Festa Brew Brown Ale: A traditional, medium bodied English style Brown Ale. Pleasantly roasted, mid-bodied malt profile with low hop flavour and aroma and moderate hop bitterness. Slight yeast-derived fruitiness.

OG: 1.0496-1.0504, FG: 1.0116-1.0124, Yeast: Nottingham, IBUs: 15


Festa Brew Bock: A classic dark, malty, strong German style bock beer. Genuine lager yeast ensures adherence to style. High original gravity. Finishes moderately sweet with a stronger, warming alcohol content.

OG: 1.0640-1.0648, FG: 1.0188-1.0196, Yeast: Saflager S-23, IBUs: 16


Festa Brew Double Oatmeal Stout: An opaque, full-bodied ebony ale. Moderate to high hop bitterness combines well with a pleasant roast malt character, subtle malt sweetness and slight hop flavour. The addition of two types of oats leads to a creamy, robust mouth-feel and full texture.

OG: 1.0545-1.0550, FG: 1.0196-1.0211, Yeast: Safbrew S-33, IBUs: 28