Épices de Cru


What is an "épice de cru"?

A term, developped by Ethné et Philippe de Vienne, which means a spice that as been grown in a special area under particular conditions, resulting in incredible fragrance and flavour. The parameters similar to those used to grade tea or wine also apply to spices.

A Wide Variety

The quality of the spices we use play a pivotal role in preparing dishes from cuisines around the world. We carry approximately 60 high quality spices in store, but we have access to over 300 different fine spices! So, do not hesitate to discuss with us if your looking for a rare spice.


Spice Hunters

Philippe et Ethné de Vienne, since 30 years now, have traveled to the four corners of the globe in search of the highest quality spices. Sold whole to ensure their purity, packaged in metal tins to preserve their character and freshness as long as possible, the spices they proudly offer to you, our customers, meet the one standard of quality that we recognize and demand for ourselves: the highest.